Rebecca Hooper Yoga
Iyengar Yoga classes and workshops 
'Rebecca’s gentle style and quick wit are the exclamation points to her expert Iyengar instruction! Whether you are a beginner or a veteran practitioner, she understands what you need to nourish body and soul!'
'I had much fear about being upside down so that I'd panic and have an anxiety attack. With Rebecca's gentle guidance and support I can now stand on my head- something I thought I'd never be able to do'.
 Djuna Wojton
'If you're interested in Iyengar yoga, Rebecca's a find. She's a skilled practitioner and teacher who has an easy, relaxed manner, but is also highly focused. Rebecca pays close attention to how individual students respond to different poses ... and suggests ways they can work within their limits, but still push themselves... As one of the older and newer students in her classes, I've noticed that Rebecca does not make assumptions about what I can and cannot do simply because of my age... I've been pleasantly surprised at the progress I've made and by the recognition that after years of slouching, at first in front of a typewriter, now a computer or a book, I can actually improve my posture ...'
'Rebecca encompasses the true essence of a yoga teacher, knowledgeable ,compassionate, respectful, understanding and Love for her students.
When I am in her presence I can feel the vibration of all the teachings and reading knowledge I have compiled in my experience...
All the practice I experienced before was good, with Rebecca my practice has expanded to a realm of potential I did not believe was possible for me ...'
'... Rebecca's class has changed the way that I approach yoga. Her attention to form and explanation of poses has helped me to improve my practice in a way that I've never experienced before. I focus more on what my body is doing in the poses because of her, and therefore have become more mindful about what's going on inside of me during my practice...'
'Rebecca is the only teacher whose classes I go to. To be honest, I travel from West Philly to Northern Liberties just to attend. She is funny, kind, and knows her stuff. When I attend regularly, I feel a huge improvement in my posture, strength, muscle tone and overall energy.'
... besides all of the tremendous physical benefits I must say, from day one I felt being with Rebecca is like being home, home for the soul...
and for this I am forever grateful...

'...Working with an intelligent teacher who has life experience and the wisdom that can carry - has many benefits; Rebecca teaches with a precision that brings the body in poses in a way that protects from harm while being challenging; she does nothing in a rote manner which is an experience I have had in many flow classes; she watches each practitioner to make sure that the poses are done properly; best of all the class has a personality of compassion, humor, intelligence and elegance that is created by this very talented teacher. I feel grateful to be her student. '
-Stuart Rome
Philadelphia. 2012
 'I had never done yoga before, and was thrilled at the immediate effects Rebecca's gentle guidance gave me in her Level 1 & 2 classes. My unresponsive muscles began to strengthen and hold the poses Rebecca taught us. She pays attention to my deficits, and makes sure I get the most out of each pose. Whether you have injuries you want to overcome or simply need to balance out a sedentary lifestyle, I can only say that Rebecca Hooper can drastically change your life for the better.' —Katrina Mansfield (49 years old)
... ' Rebecca has a wonderful relaxed and calming presence and sense of humor which not only makes the classes fun, but also serves to gently ease you into asana's you didn't think you could achieve... she has really helped me develop a greater body awareness, which has helped me on and off the mat. But most of all Rebecca's classes are like some kind of magic drug - you go in harried and come out with an overwhelming feeling of peace and well being that lasts the whole day.'